Artyukh Lyudmila
Director of Life Plus Care Service
Asanzhoyeva-Boyekova Nazgul
Country Director of HelpAge International in Kazakhstan
Antoniadis Antonios
Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Regional Development and Housing and Utilities Sector of Eastern Belgium
Bril Ekaterina
Head of the Federal Neurological Center of Extrapyramidal Disorders and Mental Health
Boerum Bill
Chairman Emeritus of Sister Cities International
Bohdanowicz Jerzy
Director of Social Programmes of the German embassy in Moscow
Berra Nora
Secretary of State for Seniors of France (2009), Minister of Health of France (2010-2012)
Drozdova Tatiana
Co-founder of Young Old team for the development of education, services and infrastructure for the elderly, Content Director of Young Old Festival
Diermeier Christian
Executive Director of Altenzentrum am Schloss, Germany
Galkina Natalia
Founder and Director General of NeuroChat LLC
Kabilu Jakob
Gerontologist, specialist of continuing care systems development, Israel
Kuznetsova Lidiya
Business consultant, expert in silver start-ups, “Start-up50+ Project Manager
Komissarova Tatiana
Dean of the Higher School of Marketing and Business Development of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”
Kozhevnikov Aleksandr
Chief physician of the central city hospital, Chaykovsky, Perm Territory
Kurasheva Ekaterina
Co-founder of Young Old team for the development of education, services and infrastructure for the elderly, Business Director of Young Old Festival
Kolton Leonid
Head of Heseds in Russia
Krumbach Horst
Chairman of the Board, Marienheim Aachen-Brand
Komarova Svetlana
Psychologist, Business System Development Director of Rimera Group
Kahlert Rahel
Analyst, the European Center for Social Welfare Policy and Research
Khaitovich Philipp
Head of the Center for Neurobiology, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Mavrin Aleksey
Director General of Opeka
Nikishin Igor
Research fellow of the Moscow Applied Research Centre for Medical Rehabilitation, Restorative and Sports Medicine, co-founder of Visual Medicine company
Oleskina Elizaveta
Head, founder and Director of Old Age for Joy Charitable Foundation, founder of The Older Charitable Foundation, member of the Council on Social Guardianship under the Government of the Russian Federation
Peryazeva Natali
Founder of the project “Fairy Tales by the Fireplace”, social entrepreneur
Romashova Tatiana
Clinical psychologist, coordinator of the programme “Center of Memory and Health” of Hesed Abraham Charitable Center
Sorina Olga
Director of the Breath Psychological Support Center for Staff Members of Charitable Organizations
Sinyavskaya Oksana
Deputy Director of the Institute for Social Policy of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”
Ralf Sange
Head of “Founder 50plus” (Gründer 50plus)
Safonov Aleksandr
Member of the Government Expert Council, Vice-rector for development of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations
Sokolova Sofia
Manager of the programme “Center of Memory and Health”, Hesed Abraham Charitable Center
Sabadash Aleksey
Chairman of the Board, Patronage Association of Social and Medical Caregivers ( Patronage Association), member of the Department of Labour and Social Protection of Population of Moscow City
Shkrebelo Aleksandr
Head of the Project Office for Long-term Care System Implementation, Old Age for Joy Charitable Foundation, Director of The Older Charitable Foundation
Tyazhelnikov Andrey
Chief outside specialist of primary health care for the adult population, chief physician of diagnostic clinic No. 121
Utin Aleksey
Cardiologist, cardiovascular surgeon, chief physician of SMART CheckUp clinic, blogger, popularizer of medicine and healthy lifestyle
Frank Kseniya
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation